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Dr. Nicolas A. Ravon wants his patients to not only have beautiful smiles but ones that are functional. Although there are many tooth replacement options on the market, the Prettau Bridge is an amazing alternative to other implants bridges and dentures. Traditional dentures are usually made of acrylic, metal, or nylon which neither lasts long nor looks too natural. On the flip side, other implant bridges are made with porcelain. What makes the Prettau Bridge unique is that it’s made with Zirconia – one of the strongest materials used in dentistry. The strength and beauty of Zirconia coupled with the stability of dental implants make a Prettau Bridge the perfect tooth replacement option.
Are you missing teeth or feel unhappy with your current tooth replacement? See the difference between a Prettau Bridge in during a consultation with Dr. Nicolas A. Ravon. Call us at (559) 298-4700 today to schedule an appointment.

What’s a Prettau Bridge?

The Prettau Bridge is a type of implant bridge made entirely of zirconia. The zirconia allows the full arch to look completely lifelike in both the teeth and gum areas. Each Prettau Bridge is custom-crafted and hand-colored and polished to provide patients with a natural-looking restoration they won’t find anywhere else. We create each bridge with custom shades and colors to make every inch look completely natural. The strength of zirconia also makes it chip and fracture-resistant.
Since the Prettau Bridge uses only zirconia, it doesn’t come with the weaknesses that occur when multiple materials join together. In addition, the smooth material isn’t porous which means it won’t stain or absorb plaque or bacteria. In comparison to acrylic dentures, Prettau bridges look better, last longer, and are easier to clean.
Dr. Nicolas A. Ravon can replace an entire arch of teeth using the Prettau Bridge and dental implants to hold it in place. He can even design your restorations to look just like the smile of your youth. The Prettau Bridge is a permanent solution to tooth loss.

What’s a Prettau Bridge?

If a Prettau Bridge sounds like a good solution to your missing teeth, you will need to meet with Dr. Nicolas A. Ravon for a consultation first. During your consultation, he will take x-rays and a scan of your mouth to determine if you have enough jaw bone to support the implants. If you have any remaining teeth, you will also discuss whether to extract them. Some patients may require extractions or a bone graft before they can get their Prettau Bridge. However, if you have good oral health and sufficient bone, you are likely a good candidate for the Prettau Bridge.
We highly recommend the Prettau Bridge for patients who:
  • Feel unhappy with their current tooth replacement option
  • Want a permanent tooth loss solution
  • Want a custom and natural-looking smile
  • Want a restoration that’s easier to clean
  • Don’t want to deal with adhesives
  • Want to maintain jaw bone and youthful appearance
  • Want replacement teeth that stay in place and function naturally

Prettau Bridge Procedure

To provide patients with a Prettau Bridge, it only takes two visits! During your appointment with Dr. Ravon, he will first numb up your mouth using a local anesthetic. He can also provide you with sedation dentistry to help you feel relaxed. Once your mouth is numb and you feel comfortable, Dr. Ravon will insert the dental implants into your jaw. Most patients require 5 to 9 implants per arch. He will then take impressions of your gums to fabricate your custom Prettau Bridge. While you wait for your permanent bridge to return from the lab, he will provide you with a temporary bridge to wear. After the permanent bridge returns, Dr. Ravon will secure it to your dental implants and in just two appointments, you have a permanent solution to your tooth loss.

Benefits of Prettau Bridges

When you opt for a Prettau Bridge over alternative tooth replacement solutions, you also gain access to a handful of amazing benefits including the following.
  • No plaque or odors
  • Eat, talk, and laugh without worrying about your replacement teeth slipping or causing pain
  • Enjoy a custom smile that’s made just for you and your face
  • Natural feeling functionality
  • High durability so you don’t have to worry about chipping or fractures
  • High stability and strength due to a combination of implants and zirconia material
  • Stain-resistant
  • Improves oral health
  • Made with a biocompatible material

Replace Your Missing Teeth in , CA Today

If you have missing teeth, you won’t find a tooth replacement option like Prettau Bridges anywhere. Finally, achieve a natural-looking and long-lasting smile you can count on day after day. Let Dr. Ravon give you something to smile about. Learn how Prettau Bridges can enhance your smile and transform your dental health today. Please call us at (559) 298-4700 to schedule an appointment with our cosmetic dentist, Dr. Ravon.

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