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Metal-Free Dental Implants

Safe & Esthetic Tooth Replacement with Metal-Free Dental Implants of World-Class Quality

Nicolas A. Ravon, DDS, MSD cordially invites individuals from all corners of the globe to our esteemed office located in Fresno, California. We take pride in our pioneering achievements in reconstructive and rehabilitative dental surgery. Patients trust Dr. Ravon’s expertise and skill, and we pride ourselves on offering advanced techniques, technologies, products, and materials that are exclusive to our clinic. Most notably, our practice is among the exclusive few who specialize in precise and accurate placement of metal-free dental implants.

Making a Difference

Many professionals choose to insert dental implants composed of titanium. This metal is commonly used for medical implants, as it is light-weight and durable. Furthermore, it is biocompatible, thus the substance naturally and securely assimilates with the encompassing natural tissues.

We utilize a specific kind of zirconia as a non-metallic replacement for titanium dental implants. Zirconia, like titanium, is a biocompatible substance. However, it boasts numerous advantages over titanium. This dental ceramic is:

  • Stronger than titanium
  • Appropriate for patients with sensitivities to metals
  • An effective way to restore or maintain an attractive gum shape
  • A way to secure optimal aesthetics among patients with challenges, such as receding gums
  • A safe and healthy alternative among those patients whose titanium implants have failed due to an allergic reaction or those who are at risk of failures and other undesirable, systemic health effects
  • Well-suited to be placed immediately following the removal of remaining damaged teeth (immediate dental implants)
  • Designed as one piece – it does not require the placement of a connector (abutment) between the implant and dental restoration
  • A faster treatment process that supports lasting durability due to the lack of a separate procedure for an abutment that can break or weaken over time
  • White, not silver or gray – for the most natural tooth-like appearance
  • Aesthetically pleasing – even as gums recede or thin over time (gray-colored titanium implants can peek through the thinning gum tissue as time marches on)
  • Conservative – preserves optimal natural tissues as compared to metals like zirconia
  • Not prone to corrosion and oxidation like metals, which also tend to attract bacteria more rapidly
  • Healthy for the surrounding gums – bleeding and inflammation are very rare with implants made from ceramics
Dr. Ravon has carefully chosen what are considered “premium” zirconia implants known as CeraRoot. We are eager to further discuss our holistic approach to the safe and effective replacement of your teeth and restoration of your smile. Please do not hesitate to contact us via this website to request an appointment or virtual consultation, or kindly give us a call at (559) 298-4700. Thank you.

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