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Dr. Ravon offers cutting-edge gum disease treatments to preserve the health of your teeth and mouth, whether you’re dealing with an infection or seeking advanced periodontal procedures for dental implants.

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Non-Surgical Treatment for Gum Disease: Scaling and Root Planing

Scaling and root planing is a commonly used treatment for gum disease after general dental hygiene. It involves the removal of plaque, calculus, and stain from the crown and root surfaces of teeth. This procedure specifically targets the root of the tooth below the gum, which is softer than the enamel of the tooth and susceptible to plaque buildup, tartar, and other inflammatory agents. Root planing, the second step in the procedure, smooths the tooth root to reduce gum disease risk and promote healthy gums.

Anti-bacterial therapy

Periodontal chemotherapy is an exceptional treatment option for gum disease that effectively complements the physical elimination of plaque and tartar below the gum line. In situations where traditional therapy is insufficient, the incorporation of controlled-release, anti-bacterial, and other agents can prove to be a valuable addition to treatment.

Gum disease may lead to the formation of deep pockets between teeth and gums, which can make the complete removal of plaque and tartar a challenging task. Placement of antibiotics in the affected pockets, along with scaling and root planing, aids in managing infection and facilitating healing. Additionally, irrigation through anti-microbial mouth rinses assists in controlling the growth of bacteria that cause periodontitis – a severe form of gum disease that endangers the integrity of your teeth.

Gum and Tissue Graft Surgery

Gum grafts are a restorative solution for missing or receded gum tissue caused by gum disease. This procedure involves taking healthy tissue from your gums or soft palate and using it to cover exposed roots and stimulate new gum growth. Dr. Ravon is a highly skilled gum graft surgeon with expertise in periodontal and implant dentistry. With hundreds of successful procedures under his belt, each operation receives the benefit of his years of experience.

Gum grafts offer both functional and aesthetic advantages. The primary objective is to address gum disease, prevent additional gum recession and bone loss, and safeguard exposed roots from decay. This frequently results in reduced tooth sensitivity.

Aesthetically, you will benefit of a healthier and more symmetrical gum line, providing you with newfound reasons to maintain an elegant smile.

Osseous Surgery

If periodontal pockets remain unresponsive to regular treatments, osseous surgery is recommended to facilitate easier hygiene maintenance, thereby increasing the odds of saving the affected tooth/teeth.

After a meticulous cleansing of the root surface, the affected bone is skillfully smoothened and reshaped to create a less deep pocket, which impedes the survival of unwanted bacteria. This effectively aids the natural healing process of the body and facilitates a rejuvenated state of health.

Guided Tissue Regeneration

Guided tissue regeneration, as the name suggests, directs the development of fresh gum tissue into targeted regions where it is required. This leads to the capability of bone and tissue to regenerate around a tooth that is at risk due to gum disease.

The procedure consists of a thorough cleaning of the affected area after which a thin barrier is placed below the gum to create a space where healthy tissue can grow. The barrier separates fast-growing gum tissue from the newly cleaned tooth surface to enable the slower-growing fibers and bone cells to grow into the area.

Crown Lengthening

Crown lengthening can be employed as a cosmetic procedure to enhance the appearance of short teeth. Nonetheless, on some occasions, crown lengthening is imperative to guarantee that adequate tooth material is present to support a dental restoration. In both cases, Dr. Ravon can execute crown lengthening to provide you with the desired cosmetic or functional results.

Placement of Dental Implants for Gum Disease Treatment

If an individual has lost one or multiple teeth, it is crucial to replace them for reasons beyond aesthetics. The absence of teeth can result in the displacement or damage of remaining teeth due to atypical or additional stress. Moreover, the lack of teeth to support it may cause bone loss in the jaws.

Dental implants are considered to be the most optimal replacement solution due to their ability to integrate seamlessly with the jawbone, mirroring the look and function of natural teeth. It is worth noting, however, that gum disease can jeopardize the integrity of dental implants, as it does with natural teeth. Thus, ensuring one’s periodontal health is up to par prior to receiving implant treatment is crucial.

Guided Bone Regeneration

Guided bone regeneration (GBR) is a technique that directs and stimulates new bone growth in specific areas where it is necessary. Similar in principle to guided tissue regeneration, it is a valuable treatment option for those with gum disease and bone loss. It is particularly beneficial after tooth extraction, long-term tooth loss, trauma, or to support implant procedures, ensuring optimal anchorage.

At times, GBR is carried out in conjunction with a bone graft. The graft not only replenishes missing bone but also facilitates the regeneration of lost bone in your body. The resulting growth of new bone serves to fortify the affected area by creating a bridge between your existing bone and the graft material. Gradually, your own newly generated bone replaces a great deal of the grafted material, rendering your jaw robust and healthy.

Sinus Lift

Sinus augmentation is a surgical procedure that involves bone grafting in the upper jaw area, specifically the molars and premolars. The purpose of this procedure is to provide enough support for a dental implant after bone loss due to gum disease or resorption has occurred.

Socket Preservation after Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction is a frequently performed dental procedure that is typically straightforward. However, in some cases, the surrounding soft tissues and bone may begin to deteriorate after the tooth has been removed.

Preserving the ridge prevents such collapse from occurring, as regenerative bone grafting material is placed into the cavity where the extracted tooth/teeth were located. This preserves the natural appearance of the mouth, provides necessary support for dental implants, and results in a more natural, functional, and aesthetically pleasing replacement.

Microsurgical Techniques

Dental microsurgery is a surgical procedure undertaken with the assistance of a dental operating microscope and fiber optic lighting. The advantages of this technique are exceptional while operating in the highly small areas required in dental surgery, and to fulfill precise and demanding specifications – often only a millimeter or less.

The utilization of the dental operating microscope greatly enhances the treatment area and affords the dentist a more exacting view of the procedure. The fiber optic lighting component provides the requisite illumination necessary to work at such high magnifications.

Dr. Nicolas A. Ravon, DDS, MSD, utilizes microsurgical techniques during the placement of dental implants, root canal treatments, and apicoectomies. The accuracy of microsurgery is a great benefit to periodontal treatments, resulting in shorter healing times due to fewer cuts and stitches. In some cases, microsurgery eliminates the need to pull back the gums altogether.

Advanced Training in the Treatment of Periodontal Disease for Exceptional Outcomes.

Dr. Nicolas A. Ravon, a board-certified periodontist, possesses exemplary credentials for executing periodontist procedures including gum disease treatment. Whether you seek a simple or intricate procedure, he will assist you in obtaining great predictable outcomes.

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