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Traditionally, dental procedures involved the use of scalpels or drills. However, nowadays, modern dentists have adopted laser dentistry as a minimally invasive alternative. Dr. Nicolas A. Ravon prioritizes his patients’ comfort and optimum results, and therefore, employs laser dentistry whenever possible.

For a cutting-edge dental experience, we encourage you to explore laser dentistry at Nicolas A. Ravon, DDS, MSD. Please contact us at (559) 298-4700 or via email to schedule an appointment with Dr. Nicolas A. Ravon.

Laser Dentistry: A Scientific Overview

LASER dentistry instruments produce focused, narrow beams of light energy that react when they come in contact with tissue. This allows Dr. Ravon to shape and remove tissue with precision, whether it is for teeth whitening or gum contouring. The use of lasers not only provides a more comfortable experience for patients but also results in a more accurate and refined outcome.

Benefits of Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry is highly effective in treating gum disease due to its ability to remove plaque and tartar while also instantly killing bacteria.

Laser technology for oral surgery is considered minimally invasive, thanks to its heightened precision in comparison to traditional dental instruments.

Enhanced Healing Period – The application of dental lasers accelerates cellular function, leading to a more rapid recuperation process compared to conventional techniques.

Less Bleeding – Coagulates your tissues as it’s being used which reduces bleeding and swelling.

Increased comfort – The use of traditional dental drills can lead to vibrations that can cause discomfort during procedures. Laser dentistry, on the other hand, does not cause such vibrations, resulting in a more comfortable experience for patients. In fact, some patients may not require any anesthetic during their procedure due to its lack of pain.

Silence is Golden – Individuals who experience dental anxiety can derive solace in the absence of the sound of dental instruments or drills during laser dentistry procedures. The lack of noise produced during the process can potentially alleviate dental anxiety.

Fewer Infections – Sterilizes every area they touch which reduces the possibility of infection with any procedure.

Dr. Ravon’s precision in using lasers enables perfect incisions and maneuvers, resulting in outstanding outcomes that surpass traditional methods. His refined movements also preserve the organic structure of dental and gum tissue.

No need for sutures – Dental lasers seal cuts right away, so stitches are unnecessary.

It is safe for patients with pacemakers to undergo dental procedures with lasers, as they do not utilize any electrical characteristics, resulting in a safer environment.

Laser Dentistry Benefits

Dr. Nicolas A. Ravon utilizes laser dentistry frequently to offer our patients a professional and pleasant dental experience. Laser dentistry is commonly employed for various purposes, including:

Transform Your Smile with Laser Dentistry in Fresno!

Experience exceptional cosmetic dentistry results with the precision and comfort of laser dentistry. Dr. Nicolas A. Ravon provides advanced cosmetic dental services through the use of state-of-the-art laser technology. Discover how Dr. Ravon can elevate your smile to its full potential with laser dentistry. Contact our dental office at (559) 298-4700 to schedule a consultation today.

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